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2 Micron continous wave laser, available as 50W, 70W and 120W model.
The power ist adjustable from 5W to maximum power according to the needs of the particular application and the patient.
Typical applications: Prostate vaporisation / vaporesection ™, ablation of tumors and polyps.

RevoLix Duo

The RevoLix Duo combines a RevoLix 70 with a Sphinx 20 Litho
The mode can be switched during surgery
Specifications and applications according to the single units.

RevoLix Junior

The RevoLix Jr. is the little brother of the RevoLix with a maximum power of 15W.
Due to the lower power, the integrated cooling unit is omitted, thus the RevoLix Jr. fits into a table top case.
The RevoLix Jr. is a good choice for hospitals, which don't perform prostate vaporisation and just intend to use it in the department of neurogoly, gynaecology or ENT.


Ho:YAG pulsed laser, available as 30W, 45W, 60W and 80W model.
Unlike other Ho:YAG laser, the Sphinx allows to adjust the puls width from 150µs to 800µs. At 150µs, pulses with a very high peak power (15kW) are delivered, which makes the Sphinx unique among the lithotripsy lasers, while 800µs are better to vaporise soft tissue. Typical applications: Lithotripsy, ablation of small tumors and polyps.

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Sự Kiện

15th and 16th of May - Workshop Urology in the University-Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City
Prof. Dr. Andreas Gross (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Topic: Minimally invasive surgery in treatment of BPH - current trends of the laser prostatectomy - Techniques of laser prostatectomy
Lecture and life-surgery at 15th of May with a RevoLix 120 laser, 16th of May training

*   *   *

17th of May - Workshop Urology in the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital Ho Chi Minh City
Prof. Dr. Andreas Gross (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Topic: 2 micron lasers in urology
Lecture and life surgery: urethrastenosis, ureterstenosis, bladder tumor, BPH

*   *   *

22nd und 23rd of May - Workshop Neurology in the University-Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City
Associate Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Ludwig (University of Göttingen, Germany)

Topic: 2 micron lasers in neurology
Lecture and life-surgery (hydrocephalus and brain tumor) May with a RevoLix Laser, lecture at May 21st, training at May 22nd

*   *   *

The lectures and life-surgeries are open for anybody, registration or a letter of invitation is not necessary
but a short message would help us to plan the meals.

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